We are opening our senses to the nature, wandering and experiencing deep nature connection in the Arctic nature. We perform some relaxed and simple yoga and breathing exercises to calm down our nervous system. During this tour we will explore nature with all our senses – hear, see, smell, touch, taste.

Practice is made mostly in standing position, but we are going to lean to the trees and maybe even sit on the ground. So do not dress on your best outfit for this experience!

Tiedä, ennen kuin tulet

We do this practice in the forest and we are leaning to trees and sitting on the ground during this class. Close contact to nature might leave marks on your clothes!

During this tour, we have a good opportunity to disconnect to your mobile phone and be present to ourselves. So please, turn your phone off or to flight mode before attending.

Yoga instructor is Minna Kataja, Arctic Sky (RYT 200 astanga, hatha, yin). Teaching in English, Finnish or bilingual.

Attendants are not insured by organizer. Participation on own risk.  

Mitä minun on otettava mukaan?

Dress up with warm and comfortable clothes suitable for outdoors, that can get dirty. You can bring a sitting pad, blanket and water bottle with you in back bag, but they are optional. 

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2 hours

Varaus etukäteen

2 days





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