Northern Lights

See the best northern lights in Finland

The alluring dance of Northern Lights across the sky delights visitors and locals alike from early autumn until late winter. Lapland North is one of the best places to see northern lights in Finland and in Lapland because it is situated right under the aurora oval. Welcome to experience your own magical aurora holiday in Finnish Lapland!

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The mystical northern lights

This typical phenomenon of the polar region, also referred to as aurora borealis, occurs when the particles accelerated by the magnetic field of the Earth collide with airborne particles. Lapland North Destinations is conveniently located under the Aurora oval, which means that the possibility for seeing the Northern Lights is excellent in the area.

On average, Northern Lights can be seen in Lapland North area up to 200 nights a year from September to April – whenever the sky is clear from clouds and it is dark enough.

Aurora hunting tours

Best way to see the northern lights is to join a northern light tour. There are many ways to enjoy the hunt and with a bit of luck, you will enjoy the lights as well!

Aurora hunt by car allows covering longer distances in search of clear skies on cloudy nights. Searching for the lights on snowmobile lets you enjoy the thrill of speed as well. A sleigh ride with reindeer or huskies in the night-time is undoubtedly an unforgettable excursion.

Northern light tours
aurora hut

Glass roofed cabins

Have you ever considered an accommodation option that is an experience in itself? Aurora accommodation in a glass roofed cabin under the starry sky, watching the Northern Lights dancing above your bed is truly an experience to remember!

Big panorama windows with a full view of the surrounding nature add that special something to your stay. Staying in aurora accommodation allows you to enjoy the hues of polar night and the vicinity of nature with comfort.

Igloo hotels

Services for all needs

The northern light season lasts for the whole autumn and winter, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the services of the area! Treat yourself with Lappish tastes, relax in a cosy cabin and get to know the arctic Sámi culture.

Aurora chasing in the autumn foliage

In autumn the colorful foliage delights visitors, as the nature change color into deep shades of red, yellow and orange. Crisp and sunny autumn days are spent outdoors. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy the autumn scenery along the well-marked trails.

As the evening comes, it is time to chase the Northern Lights. Why not bring your camera along and try to catch the aurora borealis reflected on the surface of a lake?

Things to do in autumn

The Winter Wonderland is full of activities for the whole family

In Lapland North Destinations, the winter lasts well over half a year, so there are plenty of opportunities for the snowy winter activities.

In Lapland North you can hop on a sleigh pulled by adorable huskies or reindeer, or experience the thrill of speed on a snowmobile safari. In the evening you can join an aurora hunting excursion and learn how to photograph the night sky and northern lights.

Winter activities

Experience genuine Sámi culture

The northernmost Lapland has a rich and unique local culture. Lapland North Destinations are located in the homelands of the Sámi, Europe’s only recognized indigenous people. Sámi culture is a vibrant part of everyday life and visitors are invited to explore more with local, Sámi-run companies.

The village of Inari is the heart of the Sámi culture in Finland. The Sámi Museum, Sámi Cultural centre and Sámi parliament are all located in Inari. Utsjoki is Finland’s only municipality with a majority of Sámi population.

Explore Sámi culture

Accommodation for all budgets

Whether you prefer to sleep under a duvet or a starry sky, there is a wide range of accommodation options available. From a high-class villa to an aurora cabin, or an all-inclusive hotel to a camping site – you can find it all in Lapland North. Cozy holiday apartment or an igloo hotel offer a personal touch to your dream holiday.

Where to stay

Taste the flavors of the North

In Lappish cuisine, the meat often comes from the area’s reindeer herders. Fish originates from the clear waters of the Inari region and the nearby Arctic Ocean. Berries, mushroom and wild herbs are picked from the local forests.

Whether you are in a fine-dining restaurant or on an outdoor lunch during your ice-fishing trip, you can taste the pure northern flavors in every mouthful.

Lappish flavors

Northern lights with local aurora guides

Local excursion guides know all the best locations for observing the Northern Lights. On an aurora hunting tour, you can learn a great deal about the Northern Lights.

Experiences for your holiday

Before the evening comes and you head out to hunt the auroras, you can enjoy the Lappish nature and numerous services in the area. Here are some examples, which are available during the northern lights season!


You can reach Finland’s northernmost airport Ivalo with direct flights from central Europe and via Helsinki with multiple connections. During the winter months, there are also connections from European cities, not to forget the numerous charter flights. You can also fly or take the train to Rovaniemi and continue your way up north by bus.

How to get here?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North, yet just a few hours from Southern Finland. You can get to Lapland with multiple ways, and often the trip is an experience in itself.

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How to get around?

When travelling through the arctic hills, you must remember that distances are quite often long. Be sure to enjoy the views while making your way from a destination to another.



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Explore the destinations

Lapland North Destinations in northernmost Finnish Lapland, with many exciting destinations and sights within. In the villages of Lapland North, you will find your true nature.

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