Northern Light tours

Aurora hunting by snowmobiles, reindeer, car or snowshoes

The alluring dance of Northern Lights across the sky delights visitors and locals alike from early autumn until late spring. This typical phenomenon of the polar region, also referred to as aurora borealis, occurs when the particles accelerated by the magnetic field of the Earth collide with airborne particles. Lapland North is conveniently located under the Aurora oval, which means that the possibility for seeing the Northern Lights is excellent in the area. On average, Northern Lights can be seen in Inari-Saariselkä area up to 200 nights a year – whenever the sky is clear from clouds and it is dark enough.

Local excursion guides know all the best locations for observing the Northern Lights. On an aurora hunting tour, you can learn a great deal about the Northern Lights and how to photograph the lights and starry night sky. Aurora hunt by car allows covering longer distances in search of clear skies on cloudy nights. Searching for the lights on snowmobile lets you enjoy the thrill of speed as well. A sleigh ride with reindeer or huskies in the night-time is undoubtedly an unforgettable excursion. Welcome to experience your own magical aurora holiday in the winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland!

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Activities in northernmost Lapland

Enjoy the purity of the arctic nature and the silence of the vast wilderness. Explore snow, polar night and the magical dance of the Northern Lights, or fall in love with the cleanest air, breath-taking landscapes and midnight sun. Love carefree moments, learn something new and discover the vibrant local culture! There are plenty of interesting and unique activities in northernmost Lapland to explore.

There is plenty to do and see year-round, with something for everyone. You can try out different nature sports, explore the intriguing local lifestyle, learn from the arctic nature or simply enjoy the silence and just be. Northernmost Lapland offers an authentic setting for you and your family to enjoy your holiday. See the selection of different experiences and easily choose the right adventures for you!

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