Travel safety

Here in the northernmost Lapland we have plenty of space for your to enjoy the vast open landscapes – to take deep breaths of the fresh and clean area. To relax and enjoy the freedom of time and space.

Health care center in Ivalo

Ivalo Health Centre has 24/7 doctor on call.

On Mon-Fri from 08:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. there are appointment numbers for different regions/teams (non-urgent issues):

  • Jänkä: +358403534952 (Inari village, North side of Inari, Saariselkä and nearby area)
  • Korpi: +358401932273 (East side of road 4, Nellim)
  • Rakka: +358401549772 (West side of road 4 and North side of Ivalo river)
  • In case of urgent need for doctor from 4p.m. till 8 a.m. and during weekends: please call in advance to the nurse in call tel. +358407709187 so we can plan your appointment and do the assessment of treatment.
  • In case of emergency always call 112!

Tourist informations in the area

From the tourist information points you get information about all the services in the area as well as about the national parks and wilderness areas. Below you can find the contact information to each point in the area.

Tourist information, Saariselkä: Tel.+358 40 168 7838

Tourist information, Ivalo: Ivalontie 10, 99800, Ivalo Tel. +358 40 168 9668

Tourist information, Inari: Inarintie 46, 99870, Inari Tel.+358 40 168 9668

That’s what we do in the Lapland North Region – in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of the tourism and restaurant industry for Lapland area.