North Lapland roadtrip

Memorable North Lapland road trip

The Northernmost road trip in familiarizes travelers to authentic Lappish villages and incredible nature with warm-hearted services all around the region. Road trip starts from Tankavaara and travels to Saariselkä following the road through Ivalo towards Inari and Utsjoki area to the northernmost place in Finland, Nuorgam village.

During your trip you can also head towards west to Lemmenjoki or Karigasniemi. Do visit Sevettijärvi and Näätämö when heading towards North from Inari. While the regulations with border control allow it you can actually do the road trip as a round trip from Nuorgam to Näätämö by crossing the border to Norway and traveling alongside the Arctic Ocean and dip your toes to the sea.

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“Stumbling upon the magic of a road trip was a total game-changer for me! Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time traveler in Lapland summer, hitting the road is an absolute must-try. It’s not just a journey; it’s an adventure that pushes boundaries, unlocks hidden gems, and leaves you with a sense of freedom. Get ready to roll, break free from the ordinary, and let the open road redefine your limits. Trust me, you won’t just go on a trip – you’ll create memories that last a lifetime!”

Vesku the Reindeer

Below you can see an example of how to travel the road trip:

Start your journey in the middle of Gold culture in Tankavaara

Begin your trip by visiting the worlds only Gold Museum to get to know the areas gold culture and shimmering gold history. On your way to Saariselkä do you notice the spruce forest turn to pine forest? You have reached the northern spruce border.

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Saariselkä the northernmost all inclusive outdoor resort in Europe

From Tankavaara continue your journey towards Saariselkä. Visit National Park of Urho Kekkonen by hiking or biking. Vast route selection takes you quickly to wilderness and among the fells and valleys. Right next to the village Aurora trail is located and takes you to Aurora hut where magnificent landscape opens to the National Park in front of you. This route gives opportunity for the whole family to easily enjoy nature as the Aurora trail is very easy to access and walk on.

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Lake Inari

News channel CNN declared Lake Inari as one of the most beautiful places in Europe: “Year-round paradise!” You can enjoy Lake Inari by strolling around the shores or by lake cruise that takes you to see historical sights on Lake Inari. Inari is the centre of Sámi culture in Finland and travelers are able to find activities and experiences for every single day!

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From Inari to Utsjoki

Head towards North from Inari. The road cleaves a wilderness area past the Strict Nature reserve of Kevo arriving to Utsjoki in river valley of Teno.

In Utsjoki you can climb on top of Ailigas fell to see over border of Finland to Norway or you can rent a SUP board and paddle around Teno river which is known for fishing possibilities. You can see this by looking along the shores of the river as there are multiple wooden boats and fisherman’s cabins here and there.

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From Utsjoki to Nuorgam

From Utsjoki the journey continues along river Teno towards the Northernmost village in EU, Nuorgam. You can reach highland fells by driving Lake Pulmankijärvi road. Experiences and activities the area provides with guides or on your own. Did you know that Pulmankijärvi lake is an old fjord of Arctic Ocean?

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You are able to travel from Nuorgam to Näätämö throughout coastline of Norway or take a turn to Sevettijärvi when driving towards North from Inari. Näätämö is a small village on the border surrounded by untouched nature and wilderness. Näätämö is a dream destination for activities like fishing with equal fishing services.

From Norway you will enter Näätämö first and then carry on towards Sevettijärvi which has a strong skolt sámi and orthodox culture present in everyday life and services offered in the village. From Sevettijärvi your journey continues towards Kaamanen and back to Inari.

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mountain biking in nuorgam & utsjoki

Explore multiple destinations

From Lake Inari you can travel towards Ivalo and Saariselkä. Get to know the lively villages of the area with interesting sights along the way. In Lapland North region you will experience magic of the fells, be enchanted by the gold culture and touch the arctic culture. In Northern Lapland the Sámi and local people await for you along with remarkable sights in nature and culture.

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Surrounded by National Parks and wilderness areas

Lapland North region has two of the biggest national parks in Finland, Strict Nature Reserve of Kevo, 6 wilderness areas and Inari hiking area. In Saariselkä alone there are 200 kilometers of marked routes to be explored. Get to know national parks and nature sights during your road trip in Northernmost Lapland.

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Hiking in UK National Park

Accommodation for every budget

Lapland North region offers just the right accommodation option for you no matter if you want to enjoy quiet surrounded by nature or stay close to all the services. In addition to high end cabin lodges and hotels there are plenty of options to choose from according to your taste and budget. Camping and caravan areas are available as well as wilderness cabins. You can also stay in an exotic igloo hotel and enjoy the Northern lights dance above your bed.

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Camping and caravan areas in Lapland North region

Staying at a camping area offers you a great possibility to eperience the North Lapland road trip at your own pace. Explore in Saariselkä, stop at Ivalo river for a beach day, make a stop at Lemmenjoki in the biggest national park of Finland and carry on your trip through Kaamanen to the mighty river Teno.

Get to know all 9 destinations

Get to know the lively villages in Lapland North region. You will experience fell magic, be enchanted by gold culture and touch the arctic local life. Here the authentic Lapland awaits you.

Getting here and around

How to get here?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North, yet just a few hours from Southern Finland. You can get to Lapland with multiple ways, and often the trip is an experience in itself.

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How to get around?

When travelling through the arctic hills, you must remember that distances are quite often long. Be sure to enjoy the views while making your way from a destination to another.



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