Membership in Lapland North Destinations

Travel companies operating in the area of Inari, Utsjoki or northern Sodankylä may join Lapland North Destinations. In addition, companies operating in other sectors in the region may join as associate members.

By being a member, you can participate in the promotion of the region and its accessibility and travel service structure, and you also raise your company’s profile locally and internationally. Members also have access to training courses and information on the latest trends and topics in the travel industry.

The service package for members covers:

  • Participation in regional marketing
  • Inclusion of the company’s information and services on the website
  • Digital campaigns in various markets
  • Visibility in brochures (Finnish and English)
  • Participation in travel fairs and visibility
  • Option to benefit from presence in regional social media channels
  • Support for event marketing
  • Inclusion in international sales events for the region’s travel services and access to travel company contacts
  • Opportunity to foster contacts and increase sales via travel company and media visits
  • Communications and events that offer information on travel industry developments in the region, advice on marketing and information on training
  • Joint events, including training courses

The membership fee is charged on the basis of the company’s annual turnover as follows:

The maximum amount charged from a company as the annual membership fee is €20,000 and the total amount charged from companies belonging to the same group is €30,000. For associate members, the service package and membership fee is determined on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please contact Tourism Coordinator Mervi Tahkola: