For many, the northernmost Lapland is a travel destination where they go on vacation at a certain time of year. The memories left from a successful vacation attract you back again and again. What if there were happy memories from another season? It’s worth boldly going to try something new and you can see how different the northernmost Lapland is in different seasons.

Autumn atmosphere

When autumn comes, the foliage colors flare up. If you haven’t seen the autumn of northernmost Lapland yet, you absolutely must. Autumn is the best time for camping and trekking, as the temperatures are favorable for all activities. It’s not too cold and not too hot. The darkening evenings are uniquely atmospheric and the fireplace invites with its warmth. Many cottages have the option of burning a fireplace, so move an armchair in front of the fireplace, curl up in a blanket and listen to the crackling of the fire.

First light of snow

The first snow starts the winter season, and here it already falls on the ground in October. The first snow falls slowly and the amount of light increases as a white veil covers the region. The first snow may remain on the ground, but it often melts away before the actual snow cover. The first snow is just like a message from winter that its arriving soon. The northern lights season starts in September and is the best time to observe the northern lights. We recommend going to the water’s edge to watch the lights in the sky, because then you can see them reflected on the surface of the water. Your surroundings are colored in a green color hue and the moment is full of magic.

Magic of winter

Magical winter comes and softens the shapes of the land. Round fells and hills look soft and inviting. You are just like in their embrace. Winter activities include cycling in the middle of the fells, snowshoeing or skiing in the national park. At the end of the day, you can sit on the boards of the sauna or treat yourself to a massage.

On sunny snow blankets

The winter season is wonderful, there’s no denying it. Snow-covered trees and snow crunching under your shoes, the thought takes you straight to a winter wonderland. With the dawn of spring, the amount of light increases rapidly and it’s time to sunbathe. The weather is warm and clear. On sunny snow blankets, winter cycling, skiing and downhill skiing continue well into spring. At least according to the locals, April is the best time of spring for outdoor activities.

Not a day more from swallow

In early summer, nature bursts into flower and the growing season accelerates. Green deciduous trees are bright before the shade of green darkens in mid-summer. The landscape is always different. On a sunny day, the water appears dark blue, but what color is the water in rainy weather? Summer rain is the best place to dance in nature, in the forest and listen to the patter of rain on leaves and ponds. There is plenty to do in summer for every taste, for the adventurous and those looking for peace. The silence is broken only by the singing of birds, the sound of fish or the rustle of aspen leaves in the wind.

Dream, plan and fulfill the trip of your dreams in northernmost Lapland, regardless of the season. You will surely find a vacation package that looks just like you, here with us. Welcome!

Main picture of article: Patricia & Clara Le Signor