The new year has started peacefully in the Inari-Saariselkä area. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities while spending time together. The weather at the beginning of the year has accommodated northern lights, scorching frosty days and slowly dripping snow. For many, the new year means the beginning of something new and new opportunities. Would it now be an opportunity to start a new hobby or restore a break from a daily hobby?

The polar night has ended and the rays of the sun will once again illuminate the fells and wooded valleys. Ski holidays are already on the horizon and plans for the holiday are worth making now at the latest. At Europe’s northernmost ski resort, the whole family can enjoy the joys of winter on the slopes and sledding hills. At the ski school, it is possible to hone the technique or try out the winter sports for the first time. The magnificent parks built by Snow Park Consulting have raised the possibilities of freestyle to a whole new level in the northernmost part of Lapland, and there are opportunities for both beginner freestyle skiers and experienced park enthusiasts.

On spring snow you can enjoy the best conditions on the slopes and tracks, as well as on winter trails by bike, walking and snowshoeing. The air is gently cool, but not too cold, and hiking with lighter clothing is possible then. However, it is cold in the shadows and it is worth adding clothes towards the evening. Packed in a small space, the lightweight felt jacket protects against the cold during a break.

The summer can fit at least two trips, one of which is worth making to the northernmost Lapland

Summer begins in late May, when strong seedlings rise bright green in the middle of the snow and the scent of the beginning of summer floats in the air. The birds are singing loudly for the summer to arrive. From the end of spring you never quite know if there may be snow in the middle of June or there is still a thin layer of ice on the lakes. The early summer in the northernmost Lapland offers peace and strengthens nature connection in the wake of a busy winter. Finnish Lapland also has its own atmosphere during the summer and there is no other similar environment. Hot summer days are perfect for day trips to the fells and you can take a dip in the fell stream. Summer also dries out what gets wet, so little showers just refresh your hike. The colors of early summer are bright and deepen towards mid-summer.

Take a trip to the northernmost Lapland and experience many destinations during the same trip. There is plenty to do and see here for many trips, so if you have visited one destination, it is worth trying out something new next. The scenery is completely different in different parts of the region. The fells rise steeper in Utsjoki and the trees are lower and mostly deciduous. That is why the Utsjoki area is incredibly green and beautiful in summer and the autumn foliage is like non other. Further south in Saariselkä area you can see an ancient pine forest and highland fell area, which is followed by a winding fell birch growing almost along the terrain. Foliage is also amazing in Saariselkä area.

Finland’s northernmost road trip takes you on an unforgettable journey to learn about the region’s history, culture and magnificent nature. You will experience unforgettable experiences both on the water and on land. You can challenge yourself or enjoy the peace and quiet without rushing. There is room here for everyone to live and feel the rhythm of nature, slow down and discover new ideas and perspectives.

North Lapland Road Trip

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