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"Discover Arctic Lapland" Touring Route

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  • Picture of Finnish nature in Lapland
    Picture of Finnish nature in Lapland
    Photo: Markus Kiili, Visit Finland
Enjoy arctic regions of Finnish Lapland, Lemmenjoki and Urho Kekkonen National parks in the far North. You can discover Sámi people's homeland, wild fells, rivers and lakes.
Distance 948.4 km
76:00 h
4,572 m
4,572 m
363 m
3 m

This 8-day route starts and ends in Ivalo. You can explore this beautiful and spectacular scenery of Finland's far north by hiking in Lapland's famous national parks, learn about Sámi people culture at Inari and Sevettejärvi and see the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway. 

The well-marked hiking trails in Lemmenjoki National park make it easy to discover these unique natural settings including windswept fells, birch forests and ancient pine forests. The “Route Teno”  from Karigasniemi to Utsjoki has been given the title of the most beautiful route in Finland as it travels alongside the river through breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Sevettijärvi is the most important centre for Finland’s Skolt Sámi people. Don’t miss the Skolt Sámi Heritage house and handicraft exhibition. The Urho Kekkonen National Park contains some of the finest fells and forest scenery in Finnish Lapland. Learn the history of world’s gold panning in Gold Village of Tankavaara

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There are plenty of amazing hiking trails along the route, enjoy the arctic outdoors!
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Pirjo Räsänen 
Update: March 23, 2022
Highest point
363 m
Lowest point
3 m
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497.3 km
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450.2 km
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Saariselkä Customer Service

Tankavaara Visitor Centre

Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida


68.607866, 27.421706
68°36'28.3"N 27°25'18.1"E
35W 517165 7610697
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Turn-by-turn directions

Day 1

In your first day on Saariselkä resort you can discover the magnificent scenery of Urho Kekkonen National Park. You can find everything you need from Saariselkä resort, for example ski slopes, nature trails, hotels and restaurants. You can discover national park on a single day even you are inexperienced hiker or stay there several days if you want.

Day 2

Your trip continues from Saariselkä to Inari village, where you can discover Sámi people culture and lifestyle by visiting in Sámi Museum Siida, local handicraft stores and reindeer farms. Inari village lies by beautiful Lake Inari.

Day 3

On your third day you can visit in Lemmenjoki National Park, which is largest national park in Finland. This national park protects wide area of untouched forest in Europe's last true wilderness. You can for example learn about Lapland's gold rush and visit in hills of Lemmenjoki, where many people still seek gold today. Also one good thing to recommend is a tradional Sámi reindeer farm.

Day 4

From Lemmenjoki National Park your journey continues to Sevettijärvi, which is the most important centre for Finland's Skolt Sámi peole. Sevettijärvi is important for Skolt Sámi people, because many of them resettled there from the Soviet Union in 1949. In Sevettijärvi you can explore their culture and traditions.

Day 5

You can continue your journey to Utsjoki, and discover more some Sámi culture and see how people fish here all year. The River Tenojoki is famous for its salmon. In Utsjoki you can also visit in historic church, vicarage and church cottages and visit in the shores of Lake Mantojärvi. 

Day 6

From Utsjoki you can drive to Karigasniemi, where Finnish and Norwegian cultures get together in the Sámi homeland of Lapland. In Karigasniemi you can enjoy the busiest nightlife in the Tenojoki Valley. Also in Karigasniemi you can try hiking in this pristine nature. 

Day 7

On your seventh day of the trip you should travel to Northern Norway to enjoy The Arctic Ocean. 

Day 8

On your last day you can travel back to Ivalo airport.


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68.607866, 27.421706
68°36'28.3"N 27°25'18.1"E
35W 517165 7610697
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948.4 km
76:00 h
4,572 m
4,572 m
Highest point
363 m
Lowest point
3 m
Round trip Family-friendly Scenic Cultural/historical interest

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