Northernmost village of Finland and EU

Nuorgam is the northernmost village in Finland and the EU, located 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and a stone’s throw from the Arctic Ocean. The most celebrated landmark of Nuorgam is the great River Tenojoki, which is reputed as the best salmon river in Europe.

Nuorgam can be reached from the airports of Ivalo and Kirkenes, which is located in Norway. Many accommodation companies have a pickup service from and to the airport and rental cars are available at the airport.

Activities in northernmost Lapland

Enjoy the purity of the arctic nature and the silence of the vast wilderness. Explore snow, polar night and the magical dance of the Northern Lights, or fall in love with the cleanest air, breath-taking landscapes and midnight sun. Love carefree moments, learn something new and discover the vibrant local culture! There are plenty of interesting and unique activities in northernmost Lapland to explore.

There is plenty to do and see year-round, with something for everyone. You can try out different nature sports, explore the intriguing local lifestyle, learn from the arctic nature or simply enjoy the silence and just be. Northernmost Lapland offers an authentic setting for you and your family to enjoy your holiday. See the selection of different experiences and easily choose the right adventures for you!

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