Polar night in northernmost Lapland

Revontulia Inarissa

Magical Northern lights

During the time of Polar night the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights dance up high in the sky. The best place to see the color show is out of light pollution when the colors show extremely brightly. Different shades of purple and red belong to the color range of Northern lights just as much as the shades of green. You are really lucky if you see these more rare colors of the Aurora Borealis. During bright frosty nights you are able to see the Northern lights more bright as often there might be a cast of clouds not so visible to the human eye. The milky way and all of the stars light up the path for ones who walk the wilderness during night time.

Activities include also guided northern light tours

Colors of the polar night sky

During the polar night time the time of light is short but breathtakingly beautiful. As the sun is trying to shine its light above the horizon the sky is painted in the most wonderful shades of pastel colors. The sky looks like a painting. This happens both at dawn and sunset. During the brightest time clouds reflect shades of purple and pink. The whole scenery glows in colors between the blue moments that come just after dark. The beauty of polar night can be enjoyed anywhere in the area. Where the clouds are not too thick you can observe the deep shades of orange and pink as the most blue skies on a clear day. The closer sunrise gets the deeper and richer the colors are.

Cozying up in front of the fire under a soft blanket

One part of the polar night are frosty days and nights. In the evening the sky gets clear, the stars shine brightly and a shade of green appears above you. Temperature goes way below zero but luckily you can enjoy the warmth of a fire. Watching the fire play is calming and the crackling sound of amber boiling from the pine logs makes you forget the worries you may have had. Complete silence outside with no singing birds or sound of wind in the trees tells you it is cold outside. There is no wind and it feels like you are in a still picture. You can feel the heat of the fire warm on your cheeks after a day of activities outside.

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