Lapland North travel region maps collected together. Below you can find maps of the region.

Maps of national parks include a lot of paths and trails you can discover while being at the region. Wilderness areas located amongst national parks hold in a lot of opportunities for the ones journeying in the wild. On this page relevant maps to winter and summer activities are collected together. You can also find village maps here.

Get to know the Tourist guide map with useful contact information and service selection for your trip to Northernmost Lapland.

Saariselkä cross country skiing tracks

Follow the real-time map that you can also use to calculate the length of your skiing trip. From the map you can also see when was the last time that the track you are planning to go was last maintained. You can look for good places to take a break on your journey from the map as well. Change the language from the top of the page.

Saariselkä cross country ski map

Slope map and slope information

From the ski centre of two fells you can find things to experience for everyone. From the slope map you are able to see the difficulty levels of every slope. You are also able to find other useful information regarding the ski centre area.

Slope map and slope information

Mountain biking

Biking around the region is a versatile way to discover the area. From the map you are able to see the trails in the national park of Urho Kekkonen and the length of each trail between checkpoints. Read also the instructions for mountain bikers below the map.

Saariselkä village map

From this map you can see the whole area of Saariselkä. You can easily navigate to different places in Saariselkä with the map.
You may download the map to yourself through the link.

Saariselkä village map
Overview of the Ivalo village center

Ivalo village map

The Ivalo river floats calmly through the Ivalo village. Use the map and get to know the beautiful village located in a wide area. Follow reindeers frolicking on the frozen river or take cross country skis to ski on the frozen river track.

Ivalo village map

Maps of national parks at the region

Lemmenjoki national park

Experience the unforgettable river experience and print out the most suitably scaled map for you from the excursion map service.

Lemmenjoki national park map
Hiking in UK National Park

Urho Kekkonen national park

Open fells and valleys full of green forests await you in the national park of Urho Kekkonen. Laying in the embrace of the national park Saariselkä is located as the perfect place to start your hiking trip or for example fell skiing excursion.
The map helps you to examine the area but will not help you locate yourself in the wilderness.

Urho Kekkonen national park map

Kevo strict nature reserve

The view at the strict nature reserve of Kevo is truly breathtaking. Trekking and camping is guided by the rules of a strict nature reserve. Print out or save a map to guide you through the trails.

Kevo strict nature reserve map

Wilderness areas of the region

Sunset at Paistunturi wilderness area

Wilderness area of Paistunturi

The wilderness area of Paistunturi offers you a possibility to hike longer and shorter trails at the region of Utsjoki. The view from the fells seems infinite. The nature has some of the best survivors in the arctic as the downy birch.
See and print out the most suitable map for you.

Wilderness area of Paistunturi map

Wilderness area of Hammastunturi

Hammastunturi fell rises towards the sky right from the lake Hammasjärvi. The steep slopes and bare top makes it impressive to look at.
The wilderness area is located between the national parks of Urho Kekkonen and Lemmenjoki. This area has the high peaks of two fells which are the Hammastunturi and Appistunturi. In the wilderness area you can experience the ever changing nature as the border of spruce growth goes through it.

Wilderness area of Hammastunturi map

Get to know the area