During the winter holiday weeks in Kiilopää, the whole family can go hiking in winter nature, skiing in the fells, making snow art, snowshoeing with torches and playing a yard game. The week would be nothing without lovely families, red cheeks, a dip in the stream and a happy laugh!


Winter Holiday Week 8: 17.-24.2.2024

Winter Holiday Week 9: 24.2.-2.3.2024

Winter Holiday Week 10: 2-9 March 2024


Family Weeks programme (provisional)

The cross-country skiing excursions in the programme are best suited for school-age children and young people – the Moomin ski schools, snowshoe hikes and yard games are also suitable for younger children!



Arrival and accommodation.


10 am Information session for families, Immon Kammi

11 am – 1 pm Non stop yard games and snow art

13 -17 Get to know Kiilopää – self-supported skiing for families on close by tracks

15-17 Turvekammi Maahinen – pancake party for families



11-12.30 and 14-15 Moomin cross-country skiing schools. Learn and review the skiing skills needed for Tuesday and Thursday’s fell hikes through games, practicing downhill and uphill techniques and skiing forest trails. Children under school age together with a parent. For more experienced skiers, also skating techniques and the basics of cross-country skiing. At the same time, we map out the skills of all those going on ski trips for the end of the week’s fell excursions.

19-20 Kiilopää Star. A yard game where you move in teams at high speed with cross-country skis, search for treasures and watch out for bandits.


10-14 Ski trip to the Evergreen Forest. An unforgettable ski trip in a magical winter forest off the groomed trails. We recommend that adults and young people rent ski boots or gliding snow shoes for the excursion, younger children can come with regular cross-country skis.


Day off. Possibility to go skiing on your own, visit the Sámi Museum in Siida or take a fat bike tour in the Kiilopää weekly programme. There are also plenty of activities for families on Kiilopää. Ask the guides for tips!

15-18 Smoke sauna for families


10-17 Fell hiking day for families. An adventurous skiing trip in the winter fells. We recommend that adults and teenagers rent ski touring skis, younger children can come with regular skis.

19-20 Campfire evening in Maahinen.


10-14 Snowshoe hike and barbecue. Snowshoe hire included in the price of the family week.

18-20 Self-guided reflector trail.


For more information: kiilopaasales@suomenlatu.fi


Event photo: Suomen Latu Kiilopää



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