Join us – the nature experts and enjoy the best views in southern Lapland mountain area.

We will take a leisurely 700 meters hike to the top of a picturesque hill, where you can admire breathtaking views over North Lapland and its taiga forests. Listen to stories about local nature and life in the wilds while barbequing by the open fire. Our destination is an impressive wild mountain area between Ivalo and Saariselka. The program includes some Lappish shamanism, see your future in a piece of metal ? 🙂

Sparkling wine and snacks are catered to celebrate your visit here in the North. There is a good chance you will also spot wildlife during this adventure. A tremendous trip to truly experience the nightless night and Lapland as its most beautiful.

The midnight sun in Lapland occurs during the summer months in May, June and July. Duration 4 h including return transfers from your hotel. Large wild forests around are really worth seeing! We have received great feedback from this tour for years.

In very northernmost regions the sun will not set for 73 days and in these parts, the sun will be visible at the hour of Midnight and beyond. The midnight sun is described as a natural phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs because the Earth’s Axis is tilted in respect of its orbit around the sun and it will only occur in the North of the Arctic Circle and South of the Antarctic Circle.

The locals in Lapland are familiar with the seasons in Lapland, and with the polar nights and midnight sun and it very rarely affects them. People here in the north sleep less in summer time and more in winter time. New houses are built in summer time, winter time is traditionally more just relaxing time concentrating on work indoors. Midsummer time is the most active time in a year…

Offered between 21st of May and 21st of July. Starts at 9 PM. Enjoy!


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