Experience the serene beauty of Saariselkä's winter wonderland with the unique activity of Electric Snowscootering. Hop on an Electric Snowscooter and travel through the pristine winter scenery, navigating snowy trails and forests. These eco-friendly snowscooters offer a pleasant ride while minimizing environmental impact, allowing you to explore the Arctic landscapes responsibly.

If you would like to combine your Electric Snow Scootering with Lappish Lunch and Tobogganing, please consider out activity "Electric Snowscootering and Tobogganing in the Tundra"

Your journey begins in the morning, driving these quiet and smooth electric snowscooters across the serene tundra. The scooters are easy to handle after initial driving lessons, making them perfect for taking in the stunning Saariselkä scenery and expansive snowy landscapes. With expert instructors and guides on hand to ensure your safety and provide instructions on operating the equipment, you can fully enjoy this experience with confidence.

Electric Snow Scooter is driveable by approximately 12-14 year old depending of the height, good fitness level 150cm child is able to operate scooter. Whether you're seeking a gentle adventure or a peaceful ride through the snow, Electric Snowscootering in Saariselkä offers a delightful experience in the heart of the Arctic.

What do I need to bring?

  • Gear up with warm winter clothing. You can choose to rent the overalls and boots from us for +15€ supplement



2 hours

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2 days



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