As we stand on the threshold of spring in Lapland, it’s a perfect time to take a glance on the first half of the year that lies ahead of us, brimming with the promise of new experiences, opportunities, and adventures. The canvas of the next six months is blank, waiting to be filled with the colors of life. Take a journey with us to see what events and activities will shape our time from January to May.


The beginning of the year is like a fresh breeze, carrying the scent of new beginnings. January brings with it a sense of renewal and resolution. People all around the world are setting goals, making resolutions, and eagerly stepping into the first chapter of the year. Spring in Lapland is filled with music, art, sports and exciting experiences.

In January the northernmost film festival of indigenous people, Skábmagovat is held in Inari and online at the end of January from 25th till 28th. Skábmagovat brings people together to celebrate cultural richness. The event combines art and community in a unique way and is a special event for all lovers of culture and cinema.

As we navigate through the remarkably beautiful winter days winter days it’s the perfect opportunity to take on a new winter hobby. See our full selection here.

For January we recommend:


February, often associated with love and warmth, holds the promise of connection and celebration. While Valentine’s Day is a highlight for many, the month of February is longer by one day as this is leap year. The Sámi National day is celebrated on the 6th of February.

In February the national skiing holidays begin and sunshine feels warm on your face which means that spring is nearly here. Go on a husky safari, take a day in slopes and skiing tracks, bike through our forests and open fells.

In February we recommend to experience this:


As winter begins to loosen its grip and spring in Lapland is here, March ushers in the season of change. Nature begins to wake up from hibernation, and so does the human spirit. March is a time for growth and transformation. Amidst the sunny snow blankets, we eagerly await for the Annual Reindeer Races Championship taking place in Inari at the end of the month.

In March you should definitely try out these experiences:


April is our secret season you have to explore. The weather is pleasant and often sunny. Winter activities are available and spring is in full swing. April is a month of anticipation and preparation. The world is buzzing with activity as we eagerly await the unfolding of winter.

For April we recommend to experience this:


As spring reaches its zenith, May is the month of nature shifting to full on summer season. Same goes for us people. We pack our winter gear and bring out all summer equipment eagerly waiting for June. May is the reset months, we clean, organize and maintain our premises. In the end of May nature begins it’s most remarkable show as vegetation pushes new sprouts through the last bits of slushy snow.