One of the three supporting pillars of the travel regions new brand and the overarching theme is sustainability. We can all be happy that the activities in our area are fundamentally sustainable and we want our waterways to be full of fish and the paths of reindeer to remain unchanged.

Although companies and operators in the region work actively to develop sustainable tourism, responsibility is common for all of us. Sustainability is much more than responsibility related to the environment, and environmental sustainability is often the first thing that comes up in discussions. You can’t talk enough about it, because even though we all know that you shouldn’t leave trash in nature and everything you can take there, you can bring back. However, on every trip, different kinds of trash from nature is being picked up by hikers, which shows that you can’t stop talking about sustainability. Sustainability is responsible development and every step is a step forward.

But what else can you, traveling in our region, do so that your trip is done with being sustainably mindful?

Upon arrival

Let’s start with your arrival to the region. It’s good to look at the options for getting to northernmost Lapland. Do I have to fly here or come with my own car? You can easily get here with a combination of train and bus, and you don’t need your own car, especially if the purpose is to be in the same village for the duration of your holiday. Please come to visit us for several days, when by extending your stay you will act sustainably.

Cherished cultural heritage

The cultural heritage of our region is valuable besides our nature. We want to protect the Sámi cultural heritage, but also the current living culture of Sámis. We have a wonderful setting in which to get to know the past and present of Sámi culture. The Sámi Museum and the North Lapland Nature Centre Siida, the Skolt Sámi tradition house in Sevettijärvi, the Utsjoki church huts as well as the Välimaa estate between Utsjoki and Nuorgam are examples of places where you can freely photograph and admire the wonderful heritage while learning more about the culture.

Some of the Sámi offer experiences that you can participate in and deepen your knowledge of the culture. Since we have such wonderful places for you, don’t photograph Sámi people without permission on the streets of the villages, and please note the situation before you go to ask for permission. When you buy handicrafts from local Sámi people, you support the vitality of the culture and thus as a guest you can positively influence socio-cultural sustainability.

Choose sustainable service providers

Choose sustainable service providers on your vacation if possible, but at least use local operators. When you buy services here, you affect financial sustainability in a positive way. Get to know the companies and you will notice how strongly the company’s roots are here in northernmost Lapland. Tourism employs locals directly or indirectly, and a large part of the business owners are local families or entrepreneurs who have returned to their roots or who have fallen in love with Lapland. Ask and think about sustainable activities in the companies you visit and you will notice how passionately nature and locality are taken in consideration here.

Local food

Eat local food. Reindeer, fish and various game are offered in restaurants, and seasonal vegetables, mushrooms and berries can be found on menus. Choose food made from local ingredients and thus support sustainable development. The food production employs the locals and the profit stays in the area, which once again maintains a vibrant local culture.

Here are just a few tips on how you, as our guest, can positively influence the sustainable development of our region and thus you are an important part of the chain of sustainability in our region.