The Saariselkä shopping center Kuukkeli was destroyed in a fire last night in Saariselkä. Inari-Saariselkä Tourism and the municipality of Inari are currently looking for temporary premises for Kuukkeli with K-market Kuukkeli’s retailer Antero Ylävaara, so that Kuukkeli’s important services for tourists and locals will continue as soon as possible.

The fire only affects the store, not the accommodations. Accommodation activities will continue as normal. Accommodation reception can be found at Honkapolku 6, opposite Saariselkä Bowling Alley. Monday 21.2. check-in starts at 4 p.m.

Currently, K-Supermarket Ivalo delivers food to the Saariselkä area by home delivery. In addition, there is a lot of restaurants and equipment rental shops in the area and a mini market at Neste’s gas station, where tourists get the necessary supplies. Neste is also rapidly expanding its product range due to the situation.

“We are all really sorry for the destruction of Kuukkeli’s facilities. Antero Ylävaara is the driving force and pioneer of our region. We are now doing our best with the municipality of the area to be able to provide temporary facilities for Kuukkeli as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize that entrepreneurs in the area are still able to provide tourists with all the services they need. Ski holiday weeks are extremely important to our region and after difficult Corona years, we now need visitors more than ever. The municipalities and entrepreneurs in the area have worked tremendously to ensure that holidaymakers can enjoy our unique area and I really hope that no-one cancels their trip to our area due to an unfortunate incident. Tourism and services will continue, and with the cooperation we will be able to fill the big gap left by Kuukkeli until it flourishes again soon, ”says Hanna Kouri, Marketing Director of Inari-Saariselkä Tourism.

Updated information about services in Saariselkä


K-Supermarket Ivalo as well as S-market Ivalo are operating online shopping service and deliveries are available to Saariselkä.


The R-Kiosk in Saariselkä is located at the lobby of Hotel Holiday Club. They have now wider selection of grocery items and open 24/7.


The service point of the Ivalo pharmacy serves in the library bus of the municipality of Inari, which drives to Saariselkä on Wednesdays (schedule on the library bus website). The range of products will be expanded to better match the range that was available at Kuukkeli store. You can also order products and prescription drugs for the library bus via online pharmacy at Ivalo Pharmacy

Bus connection for services from Saariselkä to Ivalo from Monday to Friday

From Saariselkä to Ivalo:
Onnibus FLEX:

12:05 Hotel Riekonlinna – 12:10 Santa´s Hotel Tunturi – 12:14 Holiday Club – 12:45 Ivalo bus station Ivalo Centre

fee: 8,80 EUR

From Ivalo to Saariselkä
Eskelisen Lapin Linjat Busses:
13:15 Ivalo Centre – c.13:42 Saariselkä
fee: 8,20 €

14:22 Ivalo centre – c.15:03 Saariselkä,
fee: 8,20 € (not operating on week 10)


Taxi can be booked from for example following service providers: Taxi Briitta Pajari