The infinite place to spend time in our area is our magnificent Arctic nature and it’s open to you all year round in all eight seasons.

Do you remember sitting on the top of a fell in the summer and dropping your hands in to forest brush growing as a deep green matt over the fells? You smiled in awe by the endless mountain landscape that opened up in front of you, which also calmed your mind. Coming later during spring we will also give you the best places for a picnic for summer hiking trips, but before that, strengthen your nature connection under the spring sunshine on sunny snow blankets!

If your nature connection seems a bit lost or you don’t really know what that term even means, then in this article you will find advice and tips for finding and strengthening your nature connection during winter time. Nature has a strong positive impact on our overall wellbeing. Fresh air and movement bring energy to our bodies and our muscles stretch and strengthen during outdoor activities. Winter trails are a great way to go in nature and play. You can decide the pace and distance yourself. The extensive maintained trail network in Saariselkä area takes you to Urho Kekkonen National Park in middle of the fells and woodlands.

Nature makes you move. Unobtrusively, we walk faster in nature than indoors, even though the movement itself feels lighter. Step carries or ski slides and you take a longer trip than originally thought. However, when going outdoors, it’s good to tell about your plan and route for safety to others, just in case.

Nature comforts

Pain and longing ease in nature. In life, you may face challenges, but when we are surrounded by elements of nature, our attention is drawn elsewhere. The sound of a flowing river, the hum of wind in green pine forests and eagle flying above the rugged gorges surround you with a feeling of freedom that is easy to experience in nature. Best of all, there is room for everyone and all worries feel like a distant memory.

Nature soothes and calms

Staying in nature and enjoying nature reduces stress and calms you mentally and physically. At the same time, nature adds positive emotions. In the nature of northern Lapland, the heart rate slows down, blood pressure drops and thoughts are allowed to flow freely. You can notice the effect of nature, for example, from the feeling when you add a green plant to a room, it’s a sensation that only natural things can provide us. Get inspired by natural phenomena like northern lights during spring and midnight sun during summer.

Nature connects

By spending time in nature with your loved ones, your relationship with them deepens. You take excursions and longer hikes together, from planning a trip to remembering it years later. You will go on excursions together, prepare food or set up a tent. You learn a lot about from each other. There is a sense of community in nature. You will already notice this when you meet others in nature you will exchange news and greet each other happily, it feels like there is more time to stop. On a city street, the same thing doesn’t happen very often, everyone is in a hurry to move forward.

Nature recovers

Whether you are working remotely in the area or on a leisure trip, moving around in nature improves your mood, because naturally we can focus in nature on what is happening there and everything that can be found in the fell landscape. This also provides an opportunity for a reset, preparing you for new tasks. Nature increases your attentiveness effortlessly and for this reason you can feel your batteries charging. This is because we are all interested in nature and you don’t have to focus on it separately. The relationship with nature is directly related to your wellbeing, which is why it’s worth investing in going outdoors all year round.

Loose the screen

Lack of nature means unspent time in nature, often due to an increase in time spent in front of a screen. We sit at work in front of a screen and also on our free time. While digitalization is a very useful thing, it’s good to leave the screen from between yourself and nature. Capture your trip in pictures, but then put your phone away and turn your attention back to nature. In as little as half an hour, you’ll notice how outdoor activities have a positive effect on you. Share the joy of hiking in nature with guided hikes. The guides are there for you to increase your knowledge of the area and hiking opportunities.

Today I happen to be here – tomorrow elsewhere. I walk my way and when I find a good spot, there I set up my tent and play my harmonica.

Snufkin , Moomins