Have you ever imagined travelling through a snowy landscape, standing on the runners of a sledge pulled by huskies? Trees whizz past as your route winds its way through forests. Once you reach the top of the fell, you can feel a fresh breeze on your face and see a breath-taking view opening up in front of you. Husky ride in Lapland is definitely an experience to remember. With its stunning scenery, northernmost Lapland offers an ideal setting for a fast-paced adventure with these happy, tail-wagging animals.

Husky ride on your Lapland bucket list

The only sounds you can hear around you are the patter of paws on the ground and the swish of the runners gliding across the snow. When riding on a husky-drawn sledge, you can feel a strong connection to the dogs and the surrounding nature. You cannot help but smile as you watch the dogs, the enjoyment they take in their tasks and their seamless teamwork. Your everyday concerns suddenly seem to vanish. A husky ride is a memorable experience, and it is not surprising that it features on the bucket list of many visitors to Lapland. There are several husky kennels in Inari-Saariselkä, for example Frozen Lake Husky and Arctica Lapland.

Well-being of the huskies is important

Even at a large husky farm, all dogs are individuals with their own characteristics and personality. The dogs at the front are the lead dogs, who set the pace and keep the others on the trail. The dogs closest to the sledge are called wheel dogs and they are typically physically strong because they pull most of the weight. The number of dogs depends on the weight of the sledge, the snow conditions and the distance to be traveled. The dogs naturally form pairs and teams that work well together, making their collaboration enjoyable and seamless. It goes without saying that each dog have a name, and the guides and care-takers know the dogs personally. Well-being and good care of the huskies are the most important principles in husky farms.

The sled team resting for a few seconds while running through the deep snow. Assembling a dog sled team involves picking leader dogs, swing dogs and wheel dogs.

Husky safaris

Husky safaris are available in a wide range of lengths, from short spins through the woods to expeditions lasting several days. During a husky safari, you can often drive the sledge or enjoy the scenery as a passenger under warm covers, and the roles can be changed during the trip. While the driver guides the dogs along the route, the passenger can focus on taking pictures or just enjoying the speed.

No previous experience is required because all the necessary safety and driving instructions are provided before setting out. Meanwhile, the dogs are ready and raring to go. For first-time riders, the dogs barking and jumping out of excitement may come as a surprise. However, as soon as the safari starts, the dogs focus only on the task they enjoy so much – pulling the sledge. The dogs take mouthfuls of snow while running, and during breaks some of them like to roll in the snow. As sociable animals, they enjoy the attention given to them and often reward those who stroke them with kisses.

With its stunning scenery, northernmost Lapland offers an ideal setting for a fast-paced adventure with these happy, tail-wagging animals.

PHOTOS: Brice Portolano TEXT: Irina Salomaa

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