Meetings & Congresses

New surroundings often spark up new fresh ideas and visions. In Lapland North Destinations you are able to find spaces fit for congresses, seminars and representational use surrounded by the arctic nature and activities. Spend a special and memorable congress trip in Lapland North region.

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, Inari

At Sajos there are multiple spaces to have meetings, seminars and congresses. Sajos also has a well equipped auditorium with 310 seats available.

Basic form for 260 persons
Stand: Non movable seats on a rising stand for 254 persons.

Suitable for events that require medium sized stage and stand.

Seminar form for 310 persons

Suitable for events that do not require large stage.

Minimum form for 195 persons
Stand: Non movable seats for 190 persons

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Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Saariselkä


  • 300 m2
  • Class form for 200 persons

4 additional meeting spaces

  • 100 m2 – 34m2
  • Possible to modify to class form, U-form and diplomacy form
  • Suitable for 16-80 persons
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Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna


The most known meetings space at Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna is the auditorium whoch 177m2 are suitable for demanding needs.

  • Suitable for 184 persons
  • well equipped

3 additional meeting spaces

Eurooppa meeting space is possible to divide into two separate spaces

  • Suitable for 80-18 persons
  • Meant for lecturing, meetings and congresses as well as cocktail events

Group working spaces

There are three group working spaces in total at Riekonlinna

  • Suitable for 8 to 12 persons
  • Well equipped with Wi-fi and all necessities available for meetings
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Wilderness Hotels & Safaris

The meeting space holds 30 to 40 persons and is suitable for private dining events, celebrations or meetings. It is possible to combine activities to meeting trips from available selection.

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