During the Kiilopää trail running week, Suomen Latu’s experienced trail running instructors will lead you on trail runs in the wilderness and fells.

You can choose the length and difficulty of your own run according to your mood on the day. You can choose from a few kilometres to a marathon or a long trekking run. During the week, you’ll also get together to do technical exercises, enjoy smoke sauna and take care of your body.

The trail running week programme is also suitable for active families! Children under 12 can take part in the green runs with a parent, while young people can also take part in the blue runs.


Programme for the trail running week (preliminary)
**** green = easy, suitable for families and beginners, blue = intermediate, moderate running fitness required, not necessarily previous trail running experience, black = demanding, previous trail running experience and long runs required, leisurely pace, black+ **** During the runs there will be small training sessions on running technique and coordination.

Saturday – arrival day

16 Group run, leg warm-up for those who have already arrived (approx. 3-6 km).

17-20 Dinner

19 Start of the trail running week

Sunday – Welcome to the fells!

10 Group run: warm-up run around Kiilopää; green approx. 5-10 km, blue approx. 15 km, black-black+ 20-30 km

16 Body care in the terrain

17-20 Dinner

19 Lecture

Monday – Wilderness running day

8-10 Breakfast

10 Group run: green 5-12 km blue 20 km, black-black+ 25-40 km

17-20 Dinner

18-21 Smoke sauna and stream swimming

Tuesday – Route planning and orienteering

8-10 Breakfast

10 Briefing on route planning and orienteering.

11 Playful rogaining/orienteering day, Kiilopää’s fixed pistes

17 Evening trails in Saariselkä (for those who want to)

17-20 Dinner

20 Restorative stretching

Wednesday – Forest walk day

8-10 Breakfast

10 Group walk/run: leisurely forest walks; green approx. 6 km, blue approx. 15 km, black-black+ approx. 15-30 km

16 Route map

17-20 Dinner

19 Lecture

Thursday – Recovery day

8-10 Breakfast

Possibility to participate in a guided mountain bike ride or self guided mountain bike ride. In addition, free time activities e.g. visit to Siida or Tankavaara by your own car.

17-20 Dinner

18-21 Smoke sauna and stream swimming

Friday – Day of hiking and running

8-10 Breakfast

9 Long jog together in the spirit of running (it’s not the distance that kills you, it’s the pace)

17-20 Dinner

20 Informal chat, pancake frying and feedback on the week’s vibes, peat bog Maahinen.

Saturday – departure day
Return home after breakfast and a dip in the Kiilo Brook. Optional short final walk depending on participants’ interest and schedule.

Equipment list for the runs:


  • Breathable and fitting
  • Add layers to protect against rain and cold; bring a shell jacket especially for wilderness hikes!
  • Long tights or socks to protect your legs from scratches and hives
    Good socks prevent blisters and chafing
  • Gloves and hat
  • Shoes
  • Well-fitting and correctly sized trail running shoes
  • Good grip on the sole
  • Preferably non-membranous
  • Children can also manage with normal running shoes. Children’s shoes should be lightweight, so choose a sneaker rather than a heavier shoe with a sleeve!

Other gear necessary

  • A backpack, running vest or fanny pack that fits well on your back.
  • Children’s equipment should preferably be carried in an adult’s rucksack.
  • A water bottle or a hydration pack
  • Jacket/warm shirt
  • Your own EA supplies (blister plasters, plasters, personal medication). Instructors always carry a larger EA kit with them on runs.
  • Phone
  • (toilet) paper
  • Energy


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