During the Kiilopää Family Week, you will learn about day and night hiking, hiking skills and Lapland’s nature, and play fun yard games. In between, you can refresh yourself in a real fell stream.

During the week you are sure to make new like-minded friends and families of friends!
The Moomin camping school programme is aimed at children aged between 3 and 12.


Arrival at Kiilopää from 15.00.
17-19 Dinner
18.15 Information session at Immo’s Kammi hut. One parent from each family will be present. Registration for the programme will take place at the information meeting.
19 – 20.30 Frying of pancakes in Maahinen for families. The little ones who go to bed early enter first!

10 – 12.30 Moomin camping school and meet other families. Moomin camping school with carving and first aid kits. Bring your own knives if you have them. Youngsters have their own activities on the same topics in their own group. All new and old families should come along, at least initially, to get to know each other’s faces. 🙂
15 – 16 Star of the Baldy: A yard game where you move in teams at a fast pace or by scrambling, looking for fells and watching out for bandits.
18 Directional Mystery. In teams, solve escape room-style tasks.

10-12 Everyone has a little yard game session and tries out some new species.
Small trail run for families (duration approx. 1 hour)
Frisbee golf
Photo-trail/comprehensive trail
12-14 Nonstop mountain bikes in the yard
15 Oivi the squirrel and a mission in the secret forest. Adventure for families with children aged around 3-8 years.
18.30 Plant walk for all Hemulis. We will explore Lapland plants in the countryside near Kiilopää, you can take along a Tunturikasvio plant guide and note-taking equipment. Young people are also welcome!

9.30 – 10.00 Overnight trip info
If necessary, it is possible to rent camping equipment from Kiilopää by advance reservation (tent, backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, trangia).
From Kiilopää we can provide 1 x dinner supplies, 1 x breakfast supplies (included in the price). At the minimarket in Kiilopää you can buy supplies at your own discretion.

10.30 a.m. Nature trip with Elska the Ox-head, Vasapolku
10.30-13.30 For young people and adults, a longer mountain hike
15.30 – 17: Moomin hiking school: camping and hiking equipment, and geocaching. Exploring and assembling tents. Introduction to camping stoves. Moomin camping school: learning camping skills with Moominpapa, Snuffleupagus and Sniffles.
18 Body and mind care in nature. A peaceful and restorative moment for adults and young people.

10.30 Yugigassen game
From 13 an overnight camping trip about 4 km to the Luulampi pond. If you don’t want to stay overnight, you can also come on a day trip. An easy-going excursion to get into the camping mood. Families carry their own things. Tents, backpacks and other camping equipment can be rented from Kiilopää. Weather reservation.
Making dinner together on camping stoves. In the evening, we will have a pancake party by the fire!

8 – 12 Return to Kiilopää
15-17 Mountain bike ride for families
Free time and independent activities: you can rent mountain bikes, go hiking in Tankavaara or visit Siida, swimming in Ivalo or Vuotso…

10-12 Moomin hiking school: learning about nature in Lapland. In the Moomin Hiking School you will learn hiking skills with Moomin, Moomin Mummy and Hemuli.
13-15 Creative nature writing – a field trip for adults
15-18 Smoke sauna and stream swimming competition.
19-20.30 Evening snack in the Maahinen hut or outside weather permitting. Exchange news of the week, plus a small programme of activities organized by families and a prize-giving for the stream swimming competition.

8-10am breakfast and check-out of rooms/cottages.
Goodbye to the fells!

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Suomen Latu Kiilopää, Saariselkä

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