Experience a traditional reindeer sleigh ride and learn about reindeer and their herders

This safari introduces you to the ancient Lappish mode of transport: the reindeer sleigh. In the old days, the only means of winter transportation for the people of Lapland was on sleighs pulled by reindeer. Often there could be as many as 25 – 30 reindeer in a long caravan. You will experience this traditional, peaceful way of moving through snowscapes where the only sound you'll hear is the light ringing of reindeer bells. A warm drink will be served by the fire.

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Please notice that the pick-up time for the safari is different from start time and depends on your accommodation. We kindly ask you to check carefully the correct pick-up time from your ticket.   

Sleigh ride approx. 45 min.

Both female and male reindeer grow bone antlers. They drop them once a year and grow them again.



2 hours

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