Discover the silent and peaceful mystique of the snowy forest in a reindeer-pulled sleigh

Sit back in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer and start your journey into the quiet night forest. With some luck, you might even see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky! Enjoy the warmth of the campfire while sipping a warm drink, listen to the sounds of the forest and the open fire, and realise how silent and light the darkness of the north truly is.

Know before you go

Please notice that the pick-up time for the safari is different from start time and depends on your accommodation. We kindly ask you to check carefully the correct pick-up time from your ticket.   

Sleigh ride approx. 45 min.

A grown reindeer can have 1700 hairs per square centimetre and the fur is 3-4 cm thick.

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2 hours

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1 day





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