Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Sámi people, the indigenous inhabitants of Lapland, during our immersive day trip in Inari. Set amidst the picturesque village of Inari, this guided tour offers a unique glimpse into Sámi life.

Our morning starts with meeting in Xwander Basecamp in Ivalo Centre where we will gear you up for your day with winter overalls, boots and mittens. From Ivalo we head to Inari and Reindeer Farm (40 min scenic drive)

In reindeer farm you will meet Tuula on her farm where you'll learn about these gentle creatures, beloved in Lapland. Enjoy observing the reindeer and gaining knowledge about their role in Lappish life.

Next, we journey to a traditional Lappish Tipi by the serene shores of Muddujärvi. Here, you'll partake in an open-fire lunch, complete with captivating stories of Lapland and hands-on bushcraft skill lessons.

Our adventure continues with a visit to the renowned Sámi Museum "Siida". Recognized as the European Museum of the Year 2024, Siida offers an engaging experience filled with fresh air and fascinating survival skills demonstrations. You can explore the local terrain under the guidance of our expert or on your own.

The trip lasts approximately 6 hours, concluding with a return between 15:00 and 16:00.

Photo Credits: Maximilian Muench

Know before you go

  • Family-Friendly: This tour is family-friendly. However, we recommend it for children aged 8 and older. Younger children may not fully appreciate the museum content and may find the time spent sitting in the car challenging. For younger children we have optional activities like Winter Fun Camp.

What do I need to bring?

  • Bring layered clothes suitable to spend whole day outside in winter conditions, we will provide with overalls and boots
  • Camera / phone for pictures



6 hours

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2 days



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