An evening trip into the world of Aurora Borealis. 

We will start our trip at Xwander Basecamp in Ivalo by picking up essential winter clothing and headlamps. After gearing up we head towards the Aurora camp, which is located in the vicinity of Lake Inari. Even though the camp is only fifteen minutes away from Ivalo, it is completely free of light pollution.

All participants get to enjoy warm drinks and an introduction to the nature of northern lights once we arrive at the camp. After that we will take a stroll on the lake and through the forest while discussing and observing the beautiful phenomenon in the sky. 

After our walk it is time for an open fire dinner at the camp. You can also choose to combine your aurora camp experience with ice swimming and tent sauna (You can make the selection during your booking checkout)!

Know before you go

  • Physical Requirements: The tour involves being outdoors in cold weather, so participants should be prepared for low temperatures. Camp warm tent and indoor toilet.
  • Accessibility:The experience is not fully accessible by wheelchair due to the nature of the terrain and activities. But we are able to offer accessible tour utilising our partner companies minivans with wheelchair support. Contact us for accessible options of this tour!
  • Weather Dependency: The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed. Our Aurora Camp is built to have fun and games even on the nights when Auroras might not be present.
  • Clothing and Gear: Warm clothing and suitable winter gear are essential. Overalls, warm boots, and mittens are provided if needed, but it's advisable to dress in layers. We can advice with clothing so ask, as well we sell Merino Wool layer kits, beanies, and accessories.

What do I need to bring?

  • Warm, Layered Clothing: Dress in layers to adjust to varying temperatures. Thermal underwear, a fleece or wool sweater, and an insulated jacket are recommended.
  • Camera or Smartphone: To capture the stunning Northern Lights. A fully charged battery is essential and preferably a powerbank.



4 hours

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2 days





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