Summer in Lapland is truly one of a kind experience. For about four months, temperatures reach summery figures even though actual heatwaves are few and far between. Lapland offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a real, fresh northern summer. Lapland’s summer, with its white nights, is worth experiencing. A summer lovers destination with our around the clock open nature.  

Midnight sun is equally stunning natural phenomena as are northern lights 

The sun that never sets in the summer is a miraculous experience. The midnight sun welcomes visitors to the land of light. At the altitude of Saariselkä, the polar day begins in mid-May and lasts until late July. For two and half months, the sun never sets. During night time the light is soft and golden. Waters are calm and silence treats you with its presence.

Summer destination of families

Hiking is a hobby for the whole family and suitable routes for families are found all over the travel region. Routes are circular tours among forests and fells or trips from one place to another. Along many routes there are interesting boards that tell you about the nature and history around that place. These boards also add to the excitement of children and educate them about our precious nature and meaning to our area.

The northernmost road trip in Finland has a lot to offer for the whole family. Arctic Ocean is only a short while away from the northernmost village in EU and who wouldn’t want to dip their toes to the sea water and breathe deeply the savory sea air, while further away the waves hit the shore with such fierce force.

Gold culture is a powerful part of the northernmost Lapland and across the area of Inari-Saariselkä you are able to explore gold panning and the history of it. You can visit the Gold Museum and take a peek down the gold mine shaft at the Prospector’s Mine. You are able to do a gold themed journey to Lemmenjoki river where fertile lands give the golden valley a unique vegetation. The views on the way and there are magnificent and you are able to see one of the highest fell peaks in the area called Joenkielinen. River boat cruises take you deep to the National Park and give you an insight of the gold culture still present in the area. In Lemmenjoki you can also visit a mighty water fall called Ravadas.

A paradise for the explorer

A vast selection of experiences gives every adventurer a chance to build their desirable holiday. In the national parks and wilderness areas you can access more difficult routes and can easily plan overnight hiking trips. By biking you are able to cover a lot of area in shorter period of time so this activity gives you the possibility to go further in to the national park.

Take a journey across our region and find your true nature in the old pine trees, on the trunks of rare birch trees, in everlasting ice in a cave of lake Inari, in power of mighty whitewater rapids or on top of a fell with nothing but fresh air in your lungs and fell wind in your hair.

Available activities are among many others Open fell biking, hiking trips and canoeing. Check out all the other interesting activities and maybe try out something new for you.

Destination for the leisurely enjoyer

No matter if you like the speedy sports or taking it easy in the middle of nature just watching the wildlife go about Inari-Saariselkä is the destination for you. Listen to the line of your fishing rod fly on the river bank as the sun sets or experience the lake view on a cruise. There are easy trails to take you to the local culture. Outdoor area of Siida takes you through history where you can get to know more about the Sámi culture. Siida will open as newly renovated in June of 2022. Gold culture brings its own shimmering view to experience and the only international Gold Museum in the world provides more information about the gold history and there are many places to see in nature that have been active gold panning sights.

How about combination of sauna and good food? From the accommodation selection of the area many offer the possibility to experience sauna. After a day of exploring a meal from local ingredients gives the day a worthy ending.

A place to experience the authentic Lapland

If somewhere you are able to experience authentic local life and breathe fresh fell air it’s here in Inari-Saariselkä. Find the authentic Lapland and get to know the rich local culture. You can explore the Sámi culture and gold culture as well as the nature culture. The nature is unique in the area and you are able to experience it with guided tours as well as on your own. You get to meet authentic people who can tell you stories about the everyday life in this special place we get to call home. The vast wilderness opens in front of you right outside the villages and seems never ending.