Known for its warm-hearted service, very well-maintained slopes, trails, great accommodation and dining options. The Inari-Saariselkä area offers the perfect destination for a spring break. The most important thing about a holiday is spending time with your loved ones. Start planning a happy holiday in North Lapland.

Here you will find things to do for every day, even if downhill or cross-country skiing is not your thing. Snowshoeing in Urho Kekkonen National Park on a sunny frosty day stimulates the mind. Likewise, a vast winter biking route network allows access to deeper into the national park despite the thick thick snow blanket. Routes can also be found for multi-purpose use, so you can also walk on them. You can take even the smallest members of the family on the routes, for example in a sledge. There are also opportunities for winter hiking on the Juutua nature trail in Inari, for example. Snowmobile and husky safaris take you deeper into the middle of nature and at night the dance of northern lights illuminates the northern sky.

Experiencing the magic of Lapland and seeking happiness

The sunrise behind the fells, when there are no traces of skis on the slope yet, you will hear your heartbeat before setting off for the valley between the fells

Remember the last time you stood at the beginning of a slope or with your backpack at the beginning of a winter trail ready to go? All day in front of you. The pleasure you experienced as you descended the well-kept slopes, enjoyed a hot drink and local food after the days adventure, either prepared in the restaurant or by the campfire. You listened to the joy and laughter of children in the middle of snow games or the child’s excitement about success in a new winter sport. Come and experience it all again!

Large snow covered trees, deep footprints and glittering light from the village at dusk, the atmosphere here is at least magical

Do you remember the last trip on foot or snowshoeing in the middle of snow? The spring sun warms the tip of your nose and the frost has made your cheeks red. A biker will meet and greet you on the route, you both have a good time doing your favorite hobby in the same paths. Maybe you meet at the campfire and agree to go out to try cycling the next day together. You stop to watch the snowflakes float down quietly and set off again on your quest to explore.

A crackling fireplace heats tired feet in your wool socks and you wrap your arms around a steaming tea or cocoa cup

Do you remember that winter evening? At the end of a long day, you went to the same restaurant to eat, where you could enjoy local food on the first night of the trip. The waitress recognizes you right away and you share a story about your trip so far. You laugh together. It was a good day.

Happiness is found in you

Psychologists, poets and philosophers are familiar with the search for happiness. Is it just luck, or maybe you can make a difference yourself? Is happiness up to us and what is that happiness in general? Here in the northernmost part of Lapland, happiness is found in small things and it is a bit self-sufficient. However, it is certainly part of the magic of Lapland.

Outdoors in nature calms the mind, is healthy and makes you happy. Dozens of books have been written about it. Have you noticed when wandering the fells, regardless of the season, that there are so-called places of happiness? A vast landscape or a wonderful peaceful state that you feel intense in certain places. They are your places of happiness. They become more with memories. For many, the Aurora Hut in Saariselkä is one of those places of happiness that brings back memories.

In fact, each of us are a little responsible for our own happiness. Whether it’s open fell biking, a quiet walk on a winter trail or a brisk day on the slopes, outdoor activities release the hormones of well-being and make you feel happy. Try it and examine your own state of mind at the end of the day spent outdoors. Even small coincidences that often happen on a trip are laughable at this point.

At least part of the magic of Lapland is born from these moments of happiness in nature and feeling of longing back. Make the most of the moments that are important to you and you can return to those memories even after your vacation. It is important to be aware of wonderful experiences and experience with all senses. Remember the moments together with others and plan your next trip to the northernmost Lapland, because we are already waiting for you here!