If you are thinking of ideas for your holiday in the northernmost Lapland, from this list you can grab something to do and experience for your holiday. You can experience them all or just part of them, it’s up to you.

Visit Aurora Hut

Aurora Hut is a short walk from the centre of Saariselkä. The hut has an open warm side where you can eat snacks and warm up. Please remember to write your name in the guestbook as well. The large terrace of Aurora Hut offers views of Urho Kekkonen National Park. There are also three fireplaces near the hut and trees can be found in the storage.

Experience Finland’s Longest Toboggan Run

Rent an easy-to-steer yellow sled from Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort’s equipment rental shop and take the lift to the top of Kaunispää fell. Stop at the beginning of the toboggan run and enjoy a moment to take in the landscape that opens in front of you. Start the descent towards the lift station. Slow down in turns. Before you know it, you’ve come down the slope for almost two kilometres in just a few minutes. At dusk you can enjoy the magnificent Aurora lighting and light art drawn in the snow on the toboggan run.

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Enjoy nature on the winter trails

There are plenty of winter trails in the Saariselkä area that you can use in many ways. Winter trails allow hiking in nature in the middle of thick snow blankets. Winter trails are regularly maintained and you can find an up-to-date information on winter trails on the Saariselkä Nordic Ski website. The info is also in English in the same report.

Up to date information about the winter trails

Bike in Urho Kekkonen National Park in winter

There are only routes for biking purpose in the Kiilopää area, and the Saariselkä area’s multi-purpose routes are also for bikers. Rent a bike for example from Kiilopää’s Roll Outdoors office.

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Visit the Gold Museum

Spend time exploring the gold culture of the world and especially the northernmost part of Lapland and its history at the Gold Museum in Tankavaara.

The Gold Museum’s exhibition is a very comprehensive package of information on gold mining, where you can see traditional gold panning tools. Although it is a Gold Museum, you can also explore other types of rock that you may not have heard of.

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Yoga and cooking classes at Arctic Sky

What could be more relaxing than yoga in a quiet state, close to nature with wool socks warming your feet? Minna at Arctic Sky organizes yoga retreats all year round, but you can take part in online yoga from anywhere in the world, for example, or take part in an early summer silence retreat.

Find the northern lights in the northern sky

Under the Aurora Oval, we are in the Northern Lights zone and the Northern Lights season, which lasts more than 200 days, offers everyone a good opportunity to see the magical light phenomena during their trip. On clear frosty nights, turn your gaze to the sky and see the dance of the northern lights. The best way to hunt the northern lights is with guided trips that take you further away from the village lighting and to the best places to watch the northern lights dance away.

Ski on two fells

Two new slopes were opened at Saariselkä Ski Resort this winter. The ski resort is special because it is located on two fells right on the border of Urho Kekkonen National Park. You can take the chair lift to Kaunispää and descend into the valley between the fells, from where you can ascend with the anchor lift to Iisakkipää, which is the opposite fell. The slopes offer things to do for enthusiasts of all levels, and the award-winning ski school offers professional instruction throughout the winter season.

Stay in Northern Lights accommodation

The Saariselkä area offers wonderful northern lights accommodation to choose from. The crown of the whole holiday can be a night in the glass-roofed accommodation. Even without the northern lights, this special accommodation is an experience that you will remember for a long time.

Taste northern flavors at dinner

The restaurants bring northern dishes to your plate. Sit back in peace and enjoy the dining experience, as dining here is a multi-sense experience. The portion looks like a work of art and the delicious scent gets your mouth watering. Traditional flavors are also combined with modern cooking habits and the taste experiences are simply amazing. With the rapid growing season in the north, the colors are deep and the vegetables are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Sit down for dinner at Santa’s Hotel Tunturi’s Kaltio restaurant, Aurora Queen Resort’s restaurant, Muotka Wilderness Hotel’s restaurant, Riekonlinna’s Linnansali restaurant, Holiday Club Saariselkä’s restaurant or at the restaurant Kaunis on top of Kaunispää.

Get to know the Siberian Jay

As you stop on your upcoming excursions, you will notice how Siberian Jays appear around you in a moment. Kuukkeli, the Siberian Jay, is a familiar bird to hikers in northernmost Lapland. Feed them with seeds, as they contain the necessary nutrients for birds. Keep gloves in your hand and reach out towards them. Do not look the jays directly in the eyes as they may think you are a bird of prey and  get startled.

Visit Saariselkä Chapel

Saariselkä Chapel is located right near the centre of Saariselkä. The chapel hides a magnificent ever-changing work of art. The back wall of the chapel is made entirely of glass and is therefore a huge work of art. In winter, the snow-capped forest and in summer the lush pine forest bring nature inside the chapel.

Conquer Kiilopää fell

The must do experience is without a doubt the conquest of Kiilopää fell. Kiilopää is easily accessible even in winter. There is a intermediate ascent, but the view from the top is worth it. Pack hot cocoa in your backpack and climb all the way up. At the top, it becomes clear how small we are in front of an endless range of fells. Kiilopää is the highest fell in Saariselkä area, and therefore the seemingly endless horizon opens up in every direction. The cocoa in your backpack may be worth drinking only on the way back to at the rest point, as there is usually always some wind at the top. Of course, you can also drink a hot drink in the wind of the fell, if you wish to do so.

In addition to this list, there is much more to experience and see in Saariselkä area. Get to know Saariselkä’s selection of activities and accommodation and enjoy your holiday!




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