Here in the northernmost Lapland we have plenty of space for your to enjoy the vast open landscapes – to take deep breaths of the fresh and clean area. To relax and enjoy the freedom of time and space.

To keep your mind calm and feeling safe while on holiday remember to follow the health and safety recommendations and guidelines of the authorities and the tourism industry.

That’s what we do in the Inari-Saariselkä Region – in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of the tourism and restaurant industry for Lapland area.

The guidelines apply to the activities of the tourism and restaurant industry in the region in regards the international and domestic tourism as well as the local population.

Key issues to consider when it comes to health safety:

Use of masks indoors. The recommendation applies to both customers and employees. The use of masks also in evening restaurant activities and evenings. Employees working in customer service and customer contact should wear a face mask if protective plexiglass is not used.

Use of corona flasher application by both customers and employees. Requiring an employer to use a corona flash is a significant act that promotes occupational health.

Entrepreneurs are asked to pay attention to adequate ventilation and filtration, especially for restaurant facilities, as well as the possibility for customers to stay in a certain area or in their own group while in a restaurant.

Lowering the volume of restaurants also facilitates conversation while maintaining safety distance.

Restaurant entrepreneurs and evening event organizers are asked to collect contact information from customers for possible infection tracing.

Attention must be paid to hand and cough hygiene and disinfectant must be available when entering any interior facility.

In order to avoid close contact, the possibility of maintaining safety distance at public events, public gatherings and public spaces should be secured and customers to be guided to avoid congestion.

Cleaning hygiene is improved, especially for contact surfaces

Check out the current updates of the Insitute of Health and Welfare and have your mind at ease when travelling. Also updated information available at the House of Lapland site Covid19 – Safe Lapland and more general safety instructions for travelling in the Arctic region you can find from Travel Safely guide book. Please see below.