This exhibition on Sámi environmental art reflects on the possibilities of a new kind of Sámi nature awareness and sensitivity. What kind of interactive material relationships does our way of life sustain and what is it based on? What kind of natural–cultural life are we leading and, above all, what kind of alternatives do we have? The exhibition looks at these themes with the help of photographs, videos, sound and music.

The Viidon Sieiddit project is a science/art project which produces Sámi art using the methodology of social Sámi studies, and vice versa, social Sámi studies using the methodology of Sámi art. The project searches, outlines and creates new dimensions for the Sámi relationship to Nature by applying the methodologies of Sámi audiovisual environmental art, Sámi art/photography, Sámi music and Sámi studies done in the field of social studies.

The exhibition is produced jointly by the project Viidon Sieiddit – The New Dimensions of the Sámi Relationship to Nature – a project financed by Kone Foundation – and the Sámi Museum Siida.

Photo is from a Marja Helander video work Birds in the Earth. Photographer: Mauri Lähdesmäki

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