Inari Weeks brings together the regions traditional and new summer events for residents and tourists. The repertoire includes activity for all ages – local celebrations, gold races, children’s events, local market, concerts, church events, folk music events, art exhibitions, hiking, dancing, singing, theater, and of course Watercross National tour event in Ivalo.

In this summer’s events, you will be able to get to know the gold history of Inari.  A new ‘gold’ play produced by the local amateur theater iValoiset and the municipality of Inari will premiere during the Inari Weeks. In the 45th anniversary event of the Ivalo Folk Musicians, you can hear bits of gold traditions of Lapland.

Welcome to the summer events of the largest and most beautiful municipality in Finland at Inari Weeks in 19 – 28 July 2019!

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Koko päivä


Inarin kunnan alue, Ivalo

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