We are approaching the end of the year fairly fast and all eyes are looking towards the upcoming winter season. Christmas Holiday is in everyone’s mind but before that the best way to tune yourself for a Christmas feeling is to have pre Christmas celebrations together with family, friends or your awesome team pushing through the last quarter. What would be a better way to do this than in northernmost Lapland?

Whether you look for activities on first snow for a smaller or larger group, Lapland North Destinations has you covered in all things necessary from accommodation, venues, experiences and dining options.

Everyone has been working more or less remotely but now finally we can gather together to enjoy social connections face to face. Have you heard of the Finnish saying that some great idea started from the sauna? It is a very true saying because the sense of space and peace gives your mind the opportunity to play around with ideas. Sauna is often the cherry on top of the cake to end a day filled with experiences and good food. You can find a great selection of Saunas in the area which you can book to your group only or purchase a ticket to join others in public sauna shifts. Many of the saunas offer either a hot tub or a jacuzzi. You might access the ice hole too in selected locations. You are able to find the best venues and dining options from our region for pre Christmas celebrations. Make sure to check and ask for offers to bigger groups too!

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