Petra, who has had a successful solo career after her time in the legendary band Tiktak, is coming to PaPaNa once again to bring some reindeer championship competition vibes! In her solo work, we will hear Petra’s thoughts as a writer and composer for the first time. She has released several albums and written touching and empowering songs, such as “Kiitos kaikesta” and “Siihenkään ei kuole”. Her album “Miljoona syytä” was released in January 2020. Petra is also a well-known face on television. Her moving interpretations from the sixth season of the show “Vain elämää” are still remembered. In particular, her poignant rendition of Irina’s song “Pokka” and Yö’s “Vie mut minne vaan” are still requested at her concerts all around Finland!

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PaPaNa Bar, Inari

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