Finland’s northernmost Global Fatbike Day joint run and the opening of the Kiilopää winter cycling season.
Concept: Let’s go biking and enjoy snacks around the fire with a good group.
The joint loop leaves at 4 pm in front of the Kiilopää rental shop. Book your own lunch or buy a lunch package at Kiilopää Café.
The run is organized by Roll Outdoors in cooperation with Suomen Latu Kiilopää
MOUNTAIN BIKE: A well-maintained, functional and maintained off-road bike is part of off-road safety. You can book a rental bike by sending your name and length by e-mail to or come to the rental shop.

HELMET: a cycling helmet that fits on your head and is correctly adjusted.
LAMP: A lamp attached to a bike or helmet.
GLASSES: sports glasses or similar. To protect eyes from debris and snow.

GLOVES: cycling or ski gloves. To protect your hands from twigs, etc.
PHONE: Always keep your phone with you in the terrain. At least in wet weather, it is best to pack it waterproof (e.g. in a minigrip bag).
When driving in a group, save the guides number on your phone.

DRINKING AND SNACKING: Drinking bottle or drinking backpack and enough to drink! You should also bring something for a quick source of energy (e.g. energy bars / gel / etc.) Before leaving, you should eat so that you have enough energy for the whole run, take lunch with you on longer trips.
MONEY: just in case you come across a coffee shop.

CLOTHING: Technical undershirt and normal cycling / outdoor clothing depending on the weather. Warm break jacket.
BACKPACK: Usually the crank is enough to put the backpack back and get going.
SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES: spare inner tube suitable for your bike.
FIRST AID MEASURES: The instructor has a first aid kit with them on every trip

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Suomen Latu Kiilopää, Kiilopää

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