During Christmas holiday there is plenty to do for all in the northernmost Lapland!

Experience snowy adventures on slopes and ski tracks. From ski school you might find yourself a new hobby, refresh your memory and hone the technique to become even better at snowboarding and skiing. Ski school offers also lessons with cross-country skiing and you can rent out gear from equipment rentals to your liking.

Tobogganing under the aurora lights is something you don’t want to miss. Marvelous image art is shown to the track and the lights mimic the movement of the northern lights. Ski centre offers special toboggans which give you more control and support you better. You can buy your tobogganing pass straight from the ski rental.

Experience the wilderness safely on a husky or a reindeer safari. These arctic animals take you on a smooth and fast paced trip to the middle of untouched nature. Gaze up on the sky for northern lights on a late evening safari or witness the burning sky with pastel colors during the polar night.

You should absolutely take a stroll around the village streets to see all the hidden log cabins and winter trails around. Trees filled with thick snow are arching over you creating a magical glimmering pathway. Stop for a moment to listen to the silence. If you come from surroundings with some sound always present the quietness here can be a bit of a meditative experience. On the other hand the bubbly voices of everyone enjoying Christmas time gives you a smile too. Take a hot cup of something to drink and let all of your worries disappear by the crackling sound of fire in a cozy cabin.


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