Nature photography event Camera Borealis brings photography presentations to white canvas in Sámi cultural centre Sajos. The theme is Life.


The eight seasons of Sámi land rhythm the coexistence of nature and people. To some nature is vital for life and to others it’s an endless fountain of content. To some it’s a way of life and fulfillment.  

Born in North or later ignited by its powerful effect, one experiences nature as home and respects it in everyday life and during celebrations. Surroundings have their history and their future even though only human thinks this way. Nature lives in the moment, which we save to our memories and pictures. The ever so beautifully raw North offers an eclectic soul scenery to one who opens their heart to fully see it.


Friday 19.11. SAJOS (Free of charge)

17 – 18.15 Sámi Education Institute (SAKK) Nature photography show

18.30 – 19.45 Wellbeing from nature, Tarja Länsman, Utsjoki Strength, energy and a piece of mind from photographing small and large natural miracles. The lecturer from Utsjoki roams through the wilderness on her pass time as well as during office hours.

Saturday 20.11. SAJOS

10.00 -10.15 Camera Borealis opening

10.15 -11.30 Wilderness of light and shadow, Piiku Aikio, Inari/Kittilä. Details from nature that touch with their beauty or bareness. Inari Sámi photographer whos home and source of inspiration nature is.

11.45 -13.00 On the fells of Lemmenjoki, Aslak Paltto, Lemmenjoki. By the development of technical equipment taking pictures has gotten easier and helps reindeer herders working. Camera catches moments that are taken as truth only after seeing them. Journalist and reindeer herder from Lemmenjoki combines modern technology to his profession.

13.00 -13.30 Break

13.30 -14.45 Sieberluohka, Carl-Johan Utsi, Jokkmokk, Sweden
Reindeer herder and photographer opens the connection between cultural and geographical connection in modern day Sámi culture. Show about scenery, its people and sustainable way of living from nature.

15.00 -16.15 Life on Skolt lands, Tanja Sanila, Sevettijärvi
Showcasing Skolt Sámi is a passion for Tanja who is a photographer, expert of arts and design and illustrator from Sevettijärvi.

16.30-17.45 Hallanvaara ja muita mielentiloja, Ari-Matti Nikula, Kuusamo
The mindsets and movements in real nature as well as imagined one. Painting like pictures from a nature photographer from Kuusamo.

20.00 – Music show, Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

Tickets: Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos on hour before showtime and during it until the start of the last show.
Tickets per show: adults 10 €, children 7-17v. 5 €, children under 7 years for free.
Ticket for the event: adults 40 €, children 7-17v. 20 €, children under 7 years for free

Organizer reserves the right for any changes.

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