Aila-duo 2013 – 2020 @ Ivalo River Camping

Tickets 5€
There are 50 tickets and sale starts 1.7.2020

You can purchase our album from the event, 10€.

IN ENGLISH: It’s time to say goodbye to the project Aila-duo. Our keypoint was to make more music in aanaar saami and spread cultural awareness. Our work as a duo is now done and we continue to separate directions. There were many special moments on our trip and we want to thank our listeners and co partners. Aila-duo’s first gig was in Ivalo River Camping on august 2013 so we’ll say farewell in the same place 10th of july at 8 PM

Organiser Aila Duo and Ivalo River Camping

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Ivalo River Camping, Ivalo

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